Automotive Leather Protection Pack

Oakwood Automotive Leather Protection Pack cleans, softens and protects luxurious leather. Ideal for leather seats, dashboards and vinyl coverings, providing stain and UV exposure protection.

The Pack Contains:

1 x Automotive Leather Liquid Cleaner (250mL / 11.8 FL.OZ) 
Leather Liquid Cleaner provides a gentle deep-clean to help remove dirt, grime and other stains including body oils on all leather items including automotive car and truck interiors.

1 x Automotive Leather Conditioner (350mL / 11.8 FL.OZ)
Leather Conditioner will nourish, protect, preserve and act as a water repellent for all smooth leathers.

  • Restores and enriches leather surfaces to achieve a luxurious apprearence.
  • Contains narural moisturising ingredients that provides a non-greasy finish and prevents drying and cracking associated with normal wear and tear.
  • Contains Carnuba Wax that aids in UV protection and adds a soft sheen of quality to leather.

1 x Bonus Product Applicator.

1 x Leather Care Guide

Directions For Use:
Step 1: Apply Automotive Leather Liquid Cleaner. Dust leather and apply Liquid Cleaner with a soft damp cloth. Rub well in a circular motion to remove dirt and grime. Wipe off excess soap with a toweling cloth until leather in clean. Then apply the leather conditioning cream.

Step 2: Apply Automotive Leather Conditioning Cream.  Apply to a non conspicuous area to test prior to full application. Apply conditioner sparingly with the applicator provided or a soft cloth. Allow to penetrate before buffing with a soft cloth. Apply sparingly but often.

Price: $30.00

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