Car Odour Eliminator 250ml

Neutralises and helps kill the bacteria that causes offensive odours, including food, cigarette, human body odour and pet smells.
Also great for use on carpets, furniture, pet beds, and other fabrics to eliminate odours.

- A proven formulation for eliminating odours through killing bacteria that cause offensive odours.

- Contains a blend of deodorising and anti bacterial ingredients that don’t just cover odours up but eliminates the cause of the odour.

- Removes odours in car seats and carpet caused by food, pet and body odours. Leaves a pleasant fragrance.

- Will not stain or discolour delicate fabrics and upholstery.

- Quick dry action!

- Australian Made.

Directions For Use:

- Spray lightly over affected areas until surface is damp.

- Allow to self dry.

- When using on first occasion, consider applying a second light coat after first coat has dried.

- Use daily to deodorise your car upholstery and to freshen the air.

Price: $8.95

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