Barcoo Breaker


barcoobreakerThis saddle was designed for and in association with Glen Gardiner an experienced horseman having started and trained horses for stock work, general purpose, ceremonial and military skills, and displays. He wanted a traditional , narrow grip wooden tree saddle with a deep web strained seat system and most importantly, kneepads that would not work loose but securely positioned the rider. In addition he wanted contemporary elements incorporated into the saddle that allowed adequate movement with close contact to the horse.

The design of this saddle is revolutionary in that it provides a balance of adequate security when starting unruly or anxious horses while being a close contact saddle allowing the rider to better communicate with the horse through a balance of weight, pressure and movement.

To that end Trevor and Daniel manufactured a metal reinforced bolt on kneepad constructed of fiberglass, injected with a special light weight chemical providing strength combined with lightness. This improved designed kneepad in association with the James saddlery web strained suspended deep seated system allowed for a robust yet lightweight saddle providing a close contact fit for the rider.

The saddle is a well-balanced combination of the best of modern technology incorporating the tried and true design features of a century ago that made Australian Stock saddles famous worldwide.

The BARCOO BREAKER is not a return to the past but a new generation in Australian Stock Saddle Design.

  • Handcrafted from selected first quality leathers
  • Australian Made Laminated Timber Tree
  • Steel Reinforced
  • 5 inch Strengthened Lightweight Bolt on Kneepads
  • 3 inch Thigh Pad
  • Web Strained Suspended Deep Seated System
  • Narrow Grip
  • Long Leg Flaps
  • Solid Brass Fittings
  • Natural Sheep Skin Lined
  • Lightweight and Robust

Designed and Made in Australia by Trevor and Daniel James

Price is saddle made on a fibreglass tree. If you would like it made on a wooden tree, please select wooden tree in options. Cost is an extra $200.








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Price: from $3,400.00

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