Children’s/Youths Barkly Stock Fender – 14″

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Barkly Stock Fender - 14"

The new Barkly is designed for people who want a light weight, genuine leather saddle that has all the safety features of a stirrup and bar 2 point girth system.

Both of these features are now mandatory for all sporting bodies in Australia and for very good reasons related to rider safety. The stirrup bar gives the possibility of the fender being able to detach in a fall and drag situation and the two point girth system ensures your saddle stays on the horse if one system should fail. However, with fender saddles, the use of a surcingle may hinder this ability.


Genuine Leather
Light Weight
Solid Brass Fittings
Fender Web Reinforced
Stirrup Bar
2 Point Girth System
Hand Tooled
Free Mounts Package
Free Mounts Package includes:

Campdraft Girth
Campdraft Surcingle

Price: $759.00

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