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This is the original full flap Colt Special. The tree has been widened to fit today's popular breeds. The panels are lined with Merino Sheepskin. There is a 2" webbing inside the panels running from the back and the front of the saddle down to the C rigging so when you girth up the saddle has a V pull locking down the back and the front, this eliminates backslap.

This saddle is close contact, nicely balanced and fits today's popular breed. while it has an inskirt rigging, it still has an under flap. The under flap is essential in a full flap saddle. The under flap is also known as a sweat flap. This is because it protects the top flap from the horses sweat. If you don't have the sweat flap, the life of your saddle is cut in half.

Strength durability and a life time of real life testing has been built into the might COLT SPECIAL.

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