Barcoo Halfbreed Flex Fit


The Barcoo Halfbreed is now available on the Flex Fit Tree!



This exciting new saddle addresses the problem of saddle fit. It has long been accepted that the best way to fit a saddle to a horse is with the horse standing evenly on all four legs. This has been the ideal situation, provided a horse never changed from that position.

As a horse moves through its various gaits, it continually changes shape. Not only does it alter shape along the length of the back, but shoulder movement means that a leg forward position causes a continuing alteration of shoulder muscle mass and underlying skeletal structure.

The new totally flexible trees incorporated in the Flex Fit Halfbreed allow for the saddle to change shape along with the horse. It also means that one saddle can fit various shape horses. The rider weight, along with the girth system ensure a snug fit in all cases.

The Flex Fit is otherwise a traditional Halfbreed saddle with Revolving Stirrup Bar (see Revolving Stirrup Bar). This is important as all sporting bodies now require this feature (SeeImportant Information to Consider Before Buying a Saddle)

The seat is blocked in one piece, eliminating stitching and seams that could wear and rub a rider. It is lined with genuine sheepskin.

It is light, strong and incorporates the latest technology to provide horse and rider the ultimate fit and comfort in any situation.

The fenders are mounted on the stirrup bar are web reinforced to prevent stretching or failure. The leather is best quality and they are hand made by Trevor & Daniel James.

The leather is US cowhide, it is lined with genuine merino sheepskin and is legal for all sporting bodies with a stirrup bar and a surcingle slot is available on request. The seat is a one piece and underlaid with 20 mil of closed cell foam. Soft and no stitching or seam to rub or wear through.

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