Household Leather Wipes 20pk


Oakwood Household Leather Wipes are formulated to clean, condition and protect your leather in one simple process whilst leaving a fresh natural aloe vera fragrance.

Ideal for use on all leather items including:
- Furniture.
- Bags and shoes.
- Belts and accessories.
- Suitable and recommended for use on vinyl coverings.

Oakwood Leather Wipes:

Cleans - Gently removes dirt grime, body oils and odours from leather surface.

Conditions - Formulated with moisturising oils to soften your leather surface and help prevent cracking.

Protects - Protects your leather against spills and stains due to everyday use.

Can also be used on automotive leather items including interiors and motorcycle leathers.

Directions for Use:

- Open resealable lid and sticker and remove wipe from pack.
- Use wipe to rub over entire leather surface.
- Allow to dry naturally or buff with a soft cloth if desired.
- Reseal pack with sticker and lid to prevent moisture loss.

For premium long term protection of your leather investment we recommend that you use the Oakwood Leather Care Kit approximately every 3 months.

Price: $9.99

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