Leather Care Kit

The OAKWOOD LEATHER CARE KIT contains a separate Leather Liquid Cleaner & Leather Conditioning Cream specifically formulated for both old and new leather furniture to provide premium long term care & protection. Also included in the kit is a bonus product applicator and a complete guide on how to care for your leather investment. 

The Oakwood Leather Care Kit provides premium long term protection against cracking, colour fading, marking and deterioration.


1 x Leather Liquid Cleaner (250mL / 8.4FL.OZ)

Leather Liquid Cleaner is a neutral pH product that provides a gentle deep clean to leather furniture. Helps removes dirt, grime, body oils and many other stains and bad odours.

1 x Leather Conditioning Cream (350mL / 11.8FL.OZ)

Leather Conditioning Cream will nourish, moisturise, preserve, protect and provide stain & water repelling protection for all smooth leather goods including furniture.

1 x Product Applicator.

1 x a Guide to Care for your Leather Investment.

 Cleans and Conditions all leather items:

  • Leather Furniture
  • Leather Lounges
  • Leather Ottomans
  • Leather Sofas
  • Leather Chairs
  • Leather Recliners
  • Antique Furniture
  • Leather Handbags
  • Leather Jackets
  • Leather Dress Shoes and Boots
  • Automotive leather & vinyl interiors including car seats
  • Work and Hiking Boots
  • Sporting Goods including football boots, baseball gloves



Leather Care Tip - It is recommended that you use both of the Leather Liquid Cleaner and Leather Conditioning Cream on your leather items and accessories approximately every 2 - 3 months. This will ensure your leather product is properly cleaned, nourished, moisturised and protected for long-term life and enjoyment. 

Directions of Use:

Apply Leather Liquid Cleaner

Step 1: Dust off leather.

Step 2: With a soft cloth, apply cleaner directly to leather.

Step 3: Rub well into leather and then wipe off dirt and grime along with excess cleaner.

Apply Leather Conditioning Cream

Step 1: With the applicator, apply a small amount across the surface of the leather.

Step 2: Allow leather conditioner to penetrate over a period of time (5-10mins)

Step 3: Buff leather with a soft cloth. Repeat application as required.

 *Always test both products in an inconspicuous area prior to use. 


Why the Oakwood Leather Care Kit is the best product for your leather:

 •The kit contains a separate cleaner and conditioner that provide the best quality clean and conditioning results. 

•The leather liquid cleaner is specially formulated for smooth leathers that are used by leading leather lounge and car interior manufacturers. It will provide a deep clean without stripping the colour or causing damage.

 •The leather liquid cleaner can be used directly on the leather surface to remove immediate dirt, grime, stains and spillages associated with wear & tear. 

•The leather conditioning cream is not a liquid but a moisturising cream with the inclusion of natural Australian ingredients including bees wax, lanolin, eucalyptus oil and emu oil. The leather conditioning cream will nourish, moisturise and rejuvenate the leather to provide long term protection against further stains, spillages and leather deterioration associated with drying, cracking, colour fading and premature aging.

 •The products within the leather care kit are easy to apply, provide immediate results and do not leave a sticky residue after use.  The leather item can be used directly after cleaning and conditioning.

•Our products are biodegradable, non toxic and silicon free.

•It is a universal product that can be used on all leather items providing better value for money.


Leather is the durable and flexible material created by tanning animal hide. It contains pores similar to our own skin. All leathers are coloured during this process and while pigmented leather is very usable and easy to maintain, its porous nature allows the leather to breathe giving it its renowned comfort. This means the leather will absorb grime and marks so must be looked after regularly to help prevent discolouration, dehydration and premature aging.


If you have marks on your leather surface, they should be removed as soon as possible using the liquid cleaner in this pack. This can be done by using a small amount of the cleaner directly on the lounge as per the directions after testing in a non conspicuous area. After cleaning it is important to apply a small amount of leather conditioner onto the area where you have used the cleaner to re-moisture the leather surface and provide further ongoing protection against cracking and drying.

During your weekly cleaning it is recommended that you wipe over your leather item with a clean damp cloth. Alternatively you could use the Oakwood Leather Cleaner & Protector which is designed for more regular use in between using the Oakwood Leather Care Kit. This product does not remove the need for using the Leather Care Kit for long term protection of your leather investment.


Why not join the thousands of satisfied customers who keep using our product. Try our product and if you’re not 100% satisfied, we will happily refund you the cost of your purchase.

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