Great Northern Halfbreed Revolver


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This saddle is now only available on our new flexible saddle tree!


This saddle is close contact narrow grip and a friction free ride is guaranteed. It is super duty and competition ready. THE GREAT NORTHERN HALFBREED. This saddle is built for the competitor. The seat is moulded in one piece with no seam or stitching to wear out or rub. It is underlaid with 12 mil of shock absorbing closed cell foam. The fender is web reinforced end to end a fender slide covers the rigging D. The rigging D is mounted in the panel. The rivets holding the dee in place pass through 2″ seat belt webbing inside the panels. This webbing runs to the front and rear of the saddle so when girthing up a V shaped pull secures the saddle eliminating back slap at the canter. The tree is designed by Trevor James and is very thin. Its a one piece registered design. Because it is one piece the tree and kneepads are guaranteed for 10 years. Most saddles only have a tree guarantee. The unique tree design allows for the fender to be mounted on a stirrup bar. This can be the standard fixed bar or the new rotating stirrup bar. In either case the fender is very free moving and can come off the saddle if the rider is being dragged. The tree design is close contact and semi quarter horse fit. The pommel is cut away on the under side to allow for the odd high withered horse, so yes this saddle fits a good range of horses. While the design is close contact it also has a remarkably narrow grip unlike most of the rawhide covered trees which are mostly shaped directly from wide flat western saddles designed in the USA for full quarter horse types. The panels are sheepskin lined and cover a good area. This means less rider pounds per square inch on a valuable horses back.

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