Designing a Saddle

One of our valued customers recently had a horse related accident. She loved the eye appeal of her western saddle, but realised she needed the security offered by an Australian Stock Saddle. When she read about our detachable horn she realised that with some careful design work, a saddle could be made that could have the style and appearance of a western saddle, but be used as a conventional stock saddle. This made economic sense as well. One saddle took the place of two and the saddle is ultimately more secure.

She phoned Trevor James, told him her ideas and chose from the website the design features she wanted. Trevor sketched a blueprint for the customers approval and once approval was given, Trevor gave life to his customers requirements.

Below – Saddles often start out as a blueprint put together by Trevor for customer approval.


Below – From blueprint to real life. Each saddle is individually crafted.


This Santa MK III was made to customer requirements to match the blueprint.
Trevor James is finding ever increasing requests for saddles that look western, but have the security offered by the Australian Stock Saddle.

If you want to design your own stock saddle, just phone, email or fax Trevor James and he will provide a blueprint at no charge for your dream saddle to be created.