Mounts for Traditonal Australian Stock Saddle


Stirrup Leathers are 1 1/4″ web reinforced. Note, buckles are at the ankle. The buckles have been reversed so they are away from the riders leg. In the reversed position the tongue is not cutting into the saddle flap.


Near side has the girth strap which is built into the saddle passes through the front buckle. A strap, which is part of the campt draft girth passes through a dee on the surcingle and back to the buckle on the girth. This provides leverage and a secure girth system. Note, girth shown is an Anti-Gall Equiprene.


Off side. The front buckle has the girth strap from the saddle passing through it. A strap from the surcingle passes through the rear buckle.

The Somerset Poley shown incorporates a horn so a flank girth ring is automatically added at the rear of the saddle flap.