Revolving Stirrup Bar


With the ever increasing popularity of fender saddles an emphasis has been placed on the ability of the fender to “swing” as the name “swing fender saddle” implies. 

The American style rawhide covered tree is a true work of art and there are many Australian style fender saddles available built on rawhide covered trees. Their trees are carved from pine timber, rawhide covered and are very strong. However, they do not contain the steel gullet used in Australian saddles in order to support a stirrup bar. 

The fender strap passes around the side rail of the tree. Once again this is very strong but has certain disadvantages. 

Firstly the fender is there for life, it cannot slip off like an Australian Stirrup leather can. Secondly it cannot swing freely. Because it passes around the side rail and runs through a recess in the underside of the tree so no lump is created by the fender strap, it is locked down tight when the saddle is girthed up. 

Trevor James of James Saddlery has recognised that these features are totally alien to the Australian rider who demands the safety aspect of the fender or stirrup leather to come off the saddle should the rider fall and be dragged. With this in mind all fender saddles made by James Saddlery have the fender mounted on a conventional stirrup bar, which also allows a foot forward position if the rider prefers that style or is simply galloping downhill. 

This type of fender mounted on a stirrup bar such as in the Santa MK III has proven enormously popular with the safety conscious Australian market and of course the stirrup bar is recognised world wide as a distinctly Australian feature. 

The stirrup bar has remained essentially unchanged since its conception a couple of century’s ago. However, with the increasing popularity of fender saddles Trevor James has seen the need to improve the stirrup bar. He has designed a stirrup bar, which is mounted on a sealed roller bearing and the whole stirrup bar rotates in unison with the fender. This bearing mounted fender ensures the ultimate free movement but still allows the fender to slip off as with a conventional stirrup bar. 

This rotating stirrup bar can be disassembled to service or replace the bearings very easily and the assembly has a lock off point so that at a certain point no more rotation is possible and the fender cannot come off during normal riding but has the ability to slide off if the rider is being dragged. The new device can be fitted to any of the James brand swing fender saddles. These saddles are designed with strength, safety and the ultimate in a free moving friction free ride provided by the new bearing mounted fender designed by Trevor James and available exclusively from James Saddlery. 



This Fender Strap passes through a slot in the tree. It can not come off the saddle if you are being dragged and can not swing freely because it sits in a recess in the tree. 


This fender on this tree is mounted on a steel hook bar, giving better fender movement and the fender can pull off if the rider is being dragged.


The fender on this tree is mounted on the Rotating Stirrup Bar, it incorporates a roller bearing, is free moving, provides perfect balance and the fender can come off if the rider is being dragged. 


 How it works: