Trevor James now offers a training course for people with no previous experience to learn to make saddles.

The course is over 5 days and covers every facet of saddle making.

You receive:

1. A complete set of patterns for today’s popular saddle. The half breed fender saddle.

2. An instruction manual setting out the steps to make a saddle.

3. At the completion of the course you take home the saddle you have made under Trevor James’ guidance. Value: $2850.

4. You receive a letter of authority allowing you to use the Registered Design provided by Trevor James. This letter of authority also allows you to purchase more saddle trees and components from James Saddlery so you can build your own Saddlery making business.

5. You receive a certificate to verify that you have completed the course and can make a saddle from start to finish.

6. You receive 5 days personal training from Trevor James.

The charge for successful applicants is $7500. There is a discount should we receive group applications.

If you want to acquire the age old skills of leather craft and saddle making this course is ideal. With these skills you can train other people and establish your own business, which could include manufacture, wholesale, retail, imports and exports.

Trevor James offers this course with 40 years experience in each and every facet of saddle making and manufacturing at every level. You will receive his personal instruction and ongoing help during the course and further assistance is available if you need ongoing help.

Phone Trevor James now on 0428 771 448 for more information on this unique opportunity.