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flexafitsaddleA new light weight flexible tree is now available in a saddle made by James Saddlery.

It has, for many years been a concept that to fit a saddle to a horse, measurements and angles must be taken with the horse standing upright with its weight evenly distributed on four legs. It is true that this is the best position.

Where this theory fails is that when riding, the horses shape changes as it goes through its various gaits. Perhaps you have experienced a saddle that raises or back slaps at the canter. It has proven pretty well impossible to make a saddle that will conform to these changes in shape a horse undergoes. It has also been difficult to make a saddle that will fit different shaped horses without some dismantling or alteration.

The new Flexafit tree does address some of these problems. The area known as the side rails and ground seat (the part of the saddle that contacts and distributes the rider weight on to the horses back) in the new Flexafit tree is fully flexible. This enables the rider weight to alter the tree shape to the horse it is on. It also allows the tree to change shape as the horse changes shape. It allows for the tree to flex to fit different shaped horses within reason i.e approximately 90 to 100 degrees. This eliminates many situations where multiple saddles are needed to fit all your horses.



Series of photos showing the tree flexing from side to side. The tree was twisted to simulate the horses movement.

The trees can flex in their length to conform to the horses shape and the kneepad section can flex to accommodate the horses shoulder movement when there is one leg forward and one leg back. The saddles built on these trees are fitted with the revolving stirrup bar and cab be ordered now.