Handcrafted UP 1912 (Swivel Tree) Military Saddle – Mounted






The 1912 (Swivel Tree) Universal Pattern Military Saddle has not been produced for the Australian Military since the 1940’s with none of the original components still in production. Glen Gardiner painstakingly hand crafts these saddles and has a detailed knowledge of Military saddles and Tack being familiar with Australian Light Horse Association requirements as well as for a period of time commanding a Regular Australian Army Equestrian Team when he served in the Australian military. The saddle has been crafted with an emphasis on originality and craftsmanship. Glen has overcome many problems in sourcing high grade saddle components that are an exact reproduction of the original 1912 Swivel Tree saddle design ensuring that this saddle is once more available and is as authentic as possible.


Each saddle is sold with a certificate of authenticity from the maker attesting that it is a handcrafted reproduction of the 1912 UP Military Saddle guaranteeing his material, workmanship and authenticity. The wood used is sustainably produced Teak shaped and finished by hand, brass components are hand forged and polished, individually hand cast iron and metal components are powder coat finished. The leather used in the saddle is of the finest quality personally selected by the artisan who manufactured it. The seat is individually molded; all leather construction to include stitching, finish and polish is by hand. Webbing and felt is selected for quality and is as close as possible to that used in original 1912 UP Military Saddles. The stirrup irons are an exact copy of the original 1902 military pattern.





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This military saddle has been painstakingly hand crafted by Glen Gardiner. Glen faced many problems. None of the original trees or components are still in production.

Glen has had all the original parts, including the swivel side rails and the metal arches and associated hardware reproduced exactly. It is on this high quality hand made tree that the saddle is made.

The leather is best quality and the seat is hand moulded and laid over webbing exactly as the original.

This saddle is hand made and hand sewn.


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